Plate 2 (Preludium) from The Book of Urizen (1794) by William Blake

Plate 2 (Preludium) from The Book of Urizen - William Blake - 1794

Artwork Information

TitlePlate 2 (Preludium) from The Book of Urizen
ArtistWilliam Blake

About Plate 2 (Preludium) from The Book of Urizen

Plate 2 (Preludium) from The Book of Urizen, created by William Blake in 1794, is based on one of the plates from the aforementioned book. The book talks about Urizen, who is described as the first priest, and how he became separated from other Eternals to establish his own world, where he imposed religious dogma and alienation. The plate portrays Urizen in a sorrowful state, symbolizing the tragic consequences of his actions.

The couple Los and Enitharmon are also depicted in the Plate, as they create a space within Urizen’s fallen universe to give birth to their son, Orc. Orc’s birth symbolizes the spirit of revolution and freedom, and is a significant moment in the story of The Book of Urizen. The Plate’s striking imagery and poetic language successfully capture the essence of the story, which is a fascinating mix of mythology and creativity.

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