Plate 9 from The Book of Urizen (1794) by William Blake

Plate 9 from The Book of Urizen - William Blake - 1794

Artwork Information

TitlePlate 9 from The Book of Urizen
ArtistWilliam Blake

About Plate 9 from The Book of Urizen

Plate 9 from The Book of Urizen by William Blake depicts a figure that appears constrained by the edges of the plate and swirling material surface surrounding him. The image emphasizes enclosure and tension. This plate is part of Blake’s mythological system, which centers around several main ideas, with the Four Zoas being the most consistent summary.

William Blake was a religious mystic who developed his own doctrines and symbols, drawing from classical and Celtic mythology, among other sources. The Book of Urizen is one part of this system in which Urizen represents conventional reason and law. Thus, he embodies alienated reason as the source of oppression.

The Book of Urizen begins with a preludium where Blake accepts the call of the Eternals to dictate their story. It then proceeds into chapters and verses like Genesis. Plate 15 bears a wealth of illustrations intermixed with lines of text modeling how Blake tells profound links between visionary work and teachings from various mystical traditions, such as hermeticism.

Blake’s Plate 9 embodies this themes central to his intricate methodical system while also displaying an emphasis on art form composition typical for Blake’s work through combining numerous elements exceptionally efficiently to achieve its expressive impact expertly.

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