Poétiques du paysage XC (90) (2022) by Carole Bressan

Poétiques du paysage XC (90) - Carole Bressan - 2022

Artwork Information

TitlePoétiques du paysage XC (90)
ArtistCarole Bressan
MediumAcrylic, Graphite on Canvas
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About Poétiques du paysage XC (90)

“Poétiques du paysage XC (90)” is a piece of artwork created by Carole Bressan in the year 2022. The medium employed for this semi-abstract landscape artwork is acrylic and graphite on canvas, presenting an interplay of textures and color. Measuring 31.5 by 31.5 inches, the work is part of a series that explores the nuanced realm of landscape through a blend of abstraction and representation.

The artwork manifests an intricate dance of natural motifs and abstract forms. The composition is distinguished by dynamic lines that resemble barren branches or vegetal tendrils set against a richly layered backdrop. Patches of color—ranging from subtle earthy tones to vibrant accents of yellow and orange—create an impression of a complex landscape shrouded in mist or caught in the light of a setting or rising sun. Dark, bold areas provide contrast, suggesting perhaps the shadowed undergrowth of a forest or the silhouette of the earth against a lighter sky. Drips and splatters across the canvas add a touch of spontaneity and movement, leaving the viewer’s imagination to wander through the perceived scenery. The semi-abstract rendition draws the observer to consider the intersection of the tangible and the ineffable within the natural world, as portrayed through the artist’s expressive brushwork and mark-making.

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