Point Cartwright – Queensland Australia (2023) by Jos Coufreur

Point Cartwright - Queensland Australia - Jos Coufreur - 2023

Artwork Information

TitlePoint Cartwright - Queensland Australia
ArtistJos Coufreur
MediumAcrylic on Canvas
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About Point Cartwright - Queensland Australia

The artwork titled “Point Cartwright” is a creation by artist Jos Coufreur, completed in the year 2023. This acrylic on canvas masterpiece measures 57.1 inches by 57.1 inches and is categorized as a genre painting, which depicts scenes from everyday life. The piece belongs to the semi-abstract art movement, which is characterized by a combination of abstract and representational elements.

“Point Cartwright” by Jos Coufreur is a vivid representation that captures the dynamism of a coastal scene. The artwork exhibits a rich palette of colors, with hues ranging from the sandy tones of the beach to the deep blues and turquoise of the ocean. Splashes of white and pale blues signify the frothy waves colliding with the shoreline, embellishing the sense of movement throughout the seascape.

Foregrounded in the artwork are palm trees and lush vegetation that add depth and texture. The viewer’s eyes are drawn towards the distant lighthouse standing atop the rugged headland, serving both as a focal point and a symbol of guidance and safety to maritime travelers. The semi-abstract style is evident through the expressive brushwork and the way the natural forms of rocks, water, and vegetation blend harmoniously, suggesting forms without meticulously defining them.

The luminosity of the sky in the artwork is a testament to Coufreur’s mastery of light, with the clouds tinged by the warm glow of sunlight, possibly indicating a time around sunset or sunrise. The shadows cast by the rocks and the varying tones of light reflecting off the wet sand contribute to a sense of immediacy and presence, inviting observers to immerse themselves in the beauty of the depicted moment. Overall, “Point Cartwright” encapsulates a coastal experience that is at once tranquil and alive, rendered through a semi-abstract lens that highlights both the emotional impact and the visual splendor of the sea and its surroundings.

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