Points D’Hostilite No. 2 A (1941) by Alberto Magnelli

Points D'Hostilite No. 2 A - Alberto Magnelli - 1941

Artwork Information

TitlePoints D'Hostilite No. 2 A
ArtistAlberto Magnelli
Art MovementAbstract Art
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About Points D'Hostilite No. 2 A

“Points d’Hostilite No. 2 A” is an abstract work created by artist Alberto Magnelli in 1941. As a piece representative of the Abstract Art movement, the artwork eschews representational imagery in favor of geometric abstraction, a genre that prioritizes shapes and colors over literal depictions of objects or figures.

The artwork consists of a complex arrangement of geometric shapes and forms that are carefully balanced in composition. The color palette includes muted tones of blue, green, orange, and red, set against earthy background shades. These colors are delineated by sharp lines that both separate and connect the forms, suggesting a dynamic interplay between the elements within the piece.

Magnelli’s work here employs overlapping and intersecting shapes, which can give the viewer an impression of depth and movement despite the two-dimensional surface. Some of the shapes exhibit a clear outline with a solid fill, while others incorporate textural variety that adds to the visual complexity of the work. The background appears distressed or aged, which may imply a sense of history or embody emotional undertones reflective of the time in which the artist was working.

“Points d’Hostilite No. 2 A” is emblematic of Magnelli’s abstract style and his contribution to the development of the abstract genre during the early 20th century, a period rich with experimentation and the breaking of artistic conventions.

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