Polyptych of Saint Augustine (1454) by Piero della Francesca

Polyptych of Saint Augustine - Piero della Francesca - 1454

Artwork Information

TitlePolyptych of Saint Augustine
ArtistPiero della Francesca
MediumOil and tempera on panel
Dimensions136 x 59 cm
Current LocationMuseo Poldi Pezzoli, Milan

About Polyptych of Saint Augustine

In 1454, the renowned artist Piero della Francesca was commissioned by Angelo di Giovanni di Simone d’Angelo to create a polyptych for the high altar of S. Agostino in Borgo Sansepolcro. According to the commission, it was intended as a tribute for Angelo’s late brother Simone and his wife Giovanna, with hopes of providing spiritual benefit to them and their forebears. The work consisted of several panels that featured “images, figures and other things”.

Although unfortunately the Polyhtych later dismembered, eight of its panels have survived until today. Known as the Polyptych of Saint Augustine, it is regarded as one of Piero della Francescas most significant works, showcasing his unique artistry skill and use of perspective during this time period.

Another one of Piero’s remarkable artworks include the Montefeltro Altarpiece completed in 1465. This painting portrays a Madonna-and-child portrait seen between Saints Dominic and Sebastian while they are surrounded by a group celestial figures such as Angels and Virtues. It also includes portrayals of Federico da Montefeltro, his wife Battista Sforza as well as other members from the court arranged symmetrically against an impressive landscape background. This work brilliantly exemplifies Piero Della Francesca’s mastery and skill with light and shading technique that created mesmerising results from his works.

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