Pomegranates (1866) by Albert Joseph Moore

Pomegranates - Albert Joseph Moore - 1866

Artwork Information

ArtistAlbert Joseph Moore
Dimensions36 x 26 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
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About Pomegranates

The painting “Pomegranates” is an oil on canvas artwork created by Albert Joseph Moore in 1866, within the context of the Academicism art movement. Measuring 36 by 26 centimeters, the painting originates from the United Kingdom and is classified as a genre painting, meaning it depicts scenes of everyday life.

In the artwork, we see three figures, presumably women, engaged in what appears to be a daily domestic ritual centered around pomegranates. Two of the women are actively involved in what could be a cooking or preparation process that includes the fruits, while the third seems contemplative, perhaps pondering over a bowl of pomegranates in her hand. The figures are adorned in flowing classical robes that drape elegantly around their forms, adding a sense of timeless grace to their movement and gestures.

The scene is framed by an intricately decorated cabinet featuring a motif that echoes the round shape of the pomegranates, creating a harmonious visual link between the object and the activity at hand. The subtle details within the composition, such as the texture of the woven rug beneath their feet, the classical wall detailing, and the earthenware jug beside the cabinet, contribute to an overall sense of balance and serenity characteristic of Moore’s refined aesthetic style. The color palette is rich yet subdued, with warm tones of red and purple dominating the scene and providing a stark contrast to the white of their undergarments, suggesting a blend of passion and purity. Overall, the artwork exudes a classical sensibility and captures a moment that seems both ordinary and timeless.

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