Poppy Field (1881) by Claude Monet

Poppy Field - Claude Monet - 1881

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Artwork Information

TitlePoppy Field
ArtistClaude Monet
Dimensions60.5 x 92 cm
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

About Poppy Field

The artwork, titled “Poppy Field,” by Claude Monet was created in 1881 and is an exemplar of the Impressionist movement. The piece measures 60.5 x 92 cm and falls within the landscape genre. The artwork is currently housed at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

“Poppy Field” depicts a vibrant tableau of nature wherein a field brimming with vividly hued poppies stretches into the distance. The brushwork is loose and expressive, a hallmark of the Impressionist style, capturing the fleeting effects of light and atmospheric conditions. The foreground is dominated by a swathe of reds and greens, suggesting a sea of poppies swaying in a gentle breeze. Amidst this floral display, the middle ground shows lush greenery that frames the composition, and a grouping of trees stands prominently, their foliage rendered in a deep, rich green that draws the eye. The trees serve as a visual anchor, lending depth and structure to the otherwise evanescent landscape. In the background, layers of trees and foliage recede into the horizon, with hints of habitation peeking through the natural environment, juxtaposed against a mutable sky where soft clouds drift across a subtle gradient of blues and whites. Monet employs a delicate interplay of colors and a deft touch of his brush to convey a scene that is at once specific in its locale and universal in its appeal, evoking a sense of peacefulness and the transient beauty of the countryside.

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