Port-en-Bessin (1888) by Georges Seurat

Port-en-Bessin - Georges Seurat - 1888

Artwork Information

ArtistGeorges Seurat
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions67 x 84.5 cm
Art MovementNeo-Impressionism
Current LocationThe Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Location Created France

About Port-en-Bessin

The artwork “Port-en-Bessin” by Georges Seurat, dating from 1888, is an exquisite example of Neo-Impressionist style executed in oil on canvas. Measuring 67 by 84.5 centimeters, this cityscape is part of the collection at The Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Seurat, a notable figure in the Neo-Impressionism movement, created this piece in France, reflecting the innovative techniques and aesthetic preoccupations of the era.

“Port-en-Bessin” showcases Seurat’s adept use of color and light, with a composition centered around the harbor town of Port-en-Bessin. This cityscape captures the picturesque charm and tranquility of the coastal environment. Seurat’s distinctive pointillism is evident, with small, meticulous dots of color contributing to the texture and luminosity of the scene. The artwork offers a snapshot of daily life, depicting figures strolling and engaging in routine activities along the waterfront, which is bounded by buildings that exhibit the architectural characteristics of the period. The painting’s vantage point provides a panoramic view, encompassing the sky, the sea, and the bustling port, all harmoniously rendered with Seurat’s signature precision and attention to the interplay of light and form.

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