Port-en-Bessin The Outer Harbor at Low Tide (1888) by Georges Seurat

Port-en-Bessin The Outer Harbor at Low Tide - Georges Seurat - 1888

Artwork Information

TitlePort-en-Bessin The Outer Harbor at Low Tide
ArtistGeorges Seurat
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions54.3 x 66.7 cm
Art MovementNeo-Impressionism
Current LocationThe Saint Louis Art Museum
Location Created France

About Port-en-Bessin The Outer Harbor at Low Tide

“Port-en-Bessin, The Outer Harbor at Low Tide” is an exquisite artwork by Georges Seurat, dating back to 1888. This oil on canvas painting is a testament to the Neo-Impressionism movement, featuring a cityscape that measures 54.3 x 66.7 cm. Created in France, the artwork currently resides in The Saint Louis Art Museum.

The artwork presents a captivating view of the small fishing village of Port-en-Bessin, located on the coast of Normandy. Seurat’s meticulous application of Neo-Impressionism is evident through his use of small, distinct dots of color—an approach known as pointillism, which would blend in the viewer’s eye to form various hues and tones. This technique creates a vibrant yet harmonious composition that captures the effect of natural light on the seaside landscape.

The scene is calm and serene, depicting the harbor at low tide. The water recedes, revealing the wet sand and anchoring boats that are awaiting the return of the sea. The architecture of the village is visible in the background, with houses reflecting subdued tones that suggest the time of day and the diffused light. Seurat’s precision in his brushwork retains a sense of structure and form underneath the multitude of colored dots, a characteristic that sets his work apart within the Neo-Impressionist style. This treatment of light and color demonstrates Seurat’s interest in optical effects and the scientific principles of color theory.

Overall, the artwork is a fine illustration of Seurat’s technical prowess and his dedication to pushing the boundaries of color perception within the realm of fine art.

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