Portait of a lady (1870) by Adolphe Piot

Portait of a lady - Adolphe Piot - 1870

Artwork Information

TitlePortait of a lady
ArtistAdolphe Piot
Dimensions55.3 x 46 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Portait of a lady

“Portrait of a Lady” is a work of art by Adolphe Piot created in 1870. The artwork is executed in oil on canvas and is representative of the Academicism movement. Measuring 55.3 by 46 cm, this portrait belongs to a private collection. The artwork captures the genre of portraiture, which was prevalent among academic painters of the era.

The artwork presents a refined depiction of a young woman, poised in a moment of quiet contemplation. The detail of her attire and the fabric’s texture is rendered with great skill, indicative of the techniques admired in Academic art. The lady is adorned in a blouse embellished with lace and ribbon accents, suggesting a sense of elegance and grace. Her garment, particularly the rich, crimson hue of her sleeves, provides a stark contrast to the subdued background, drawing the viewer’s attention to her form.

Her expression is serene with a hint of pensiveness, as she gently rests her chin on her hand, her gaze directed outward. The soft modelling of her face captures the play of light with a subtle realism that brings her gentle features to life. The white headdress frames her visage and accentuates the lustrous quality of her dark hair, contributing to the harmonious composition.

Earrings provide a simple yet effective embellishment, harmonizing with the gentle tone of the overall palette. The artist’s signature, visible in the lower right corner, discreetly marks the completion of the piece without distracting from the subject. Overall, the artwork epitomizes the refined aesthetic and technical precision that are hallmarks of academic painting.

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