PORTRAIT (2018; France) by Cricorps

PORTRAIT - Cricorps - 2018; France

Artwork Information

Date2018; France
Art MovementSymbolism,Outsider art


The artwork titled “PORTRAIT,” created by artist Cricorps in 2018 in France, utilizes oil as its medium. This work is influenced by the Symbolism and Outsider Art movements and is classified under the genres of trompe-l’œil and symbolic painting. It is an embodiment of the artist’s vision through an intricate interplay of colors and shapes that seeks to engage and perhaps perplex the observer.

Upon close examination of the artwork, one observes a complex assembly of geometric structures and lines that coalesce to form a human visage. The use of bold colors is striking, highlighting different features of the face and infusing the portrait with a sense of depth and dimensionality. The style suggests an abstraction but still retains enough form to make the subject recognizable as a portrait.

What is particularly notable about this piece are the elements of trompe-l’œil, a technique used to create an optical illusion that the depicted objects exist in three dimensions. This technique, combined with the painting’s symbolic nature, suggests that there could be an underlying narrative or a metaphorical significance to the artwork, inviting the viewer to look beyond what is immediately seen and to ponder the deeper meaning that might be encapsulated in the visual symbols.

The textures applied throughout the painting offer an additional layer of complexity, potentially stirring in the viewer a sense of tactility. Cricorps has evidently pushed the boundaries of traditional portraiture, intertwining the essence of the subject with a rich tapestry of abstract and symbolic elements, making “PORTRAIT” an evocative piece open to diverse interpretations.

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