Portrait d’Aglae-Constance Boudard en robe de velours rouge by Adele Romany

Portrait d'Aglae-Constance Boudard en robe de velours rouge - Adele Romany - 1815

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait d'Aglae-Constance Boudard en robe de velours rouge
ArtistAdele Romany
Dimensions130.4 x 93.3 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About Portrait d'Aglae-Constance Boudard en robe de velours rouge

The artwork titled “Portrait d’Aglae-Constance Boudard en robe de velours rouge” is a neoclassical oil painting on canvas by Adele Romany, dated to the year 1815. The dimensions of this significant work measure 130.4 x 93.3 cm. It captures Aglae-Constance Boudard dressed elegantly in a red velvet gown, embodying the artistry and stylistic principles of the Neoclassicism movement.

In the artwork, the subject stands gracefully against a bucolic backdrop, evoking the serene beauty of nature. The figure of Aglae-Constance Boudard is presented with a poised, aristocratic bearing, exuding a gentle yet dignified presence. Her attire, a sumptuous red velvet dress with gold accents, cascades in rich folds, highlighting her status and refinement. A delicately draped shawl complements the luxurious texture of her gown. The color palette is warm, accentuating her fair complexion and the lustrous materials of her attire.

The composition is balanced with the subject positioned slightly off-center, allowing the viewer’s eye to travel across the entirety of the canvas. This strategic placement within the landscape enhances the depth and realism of the setting. Her expression is thoughtful, reflective of the introspective mood often found in neoclassical portraiture, while the serenity of the scene is punctuated by the naturalistic details of the landscape, including the foliage and distant mountains.

Neoclassicism, the movement to which this artwork belongs, often features a return to classical ideas of harmony, simplicity, and proportion, which are reflected both in the subject’s dignified stance and the painting’s serene ambiance. In summary, Adele Romany’s portrait of Aglae-Constance Boudard showcases the elegance and restraint characteristic of early 19th-century neoclassical portraiture.

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