Portrait d’homme a la veste verte (1837) by Adele Romany

Portrait d'homme a la veste verte - Adele Romany - 1837

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait d'homme a la veste verte
ArtistAdele Romany
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions24.5 x 19 cm.
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About Portrait d'homme a la veste verte

The artwork entitled “Portrait d’homme à la veste verte” is an oil on canvas painting by Adele Romany, dating back to 1837. Measuring 24.5 by 19 cm, it is a piece that reflects the Neoclassical art movement. This movement was characterized by an interest in classical forms and often featured subject matter related to classical antiquity.

Regarding the artwork itself, it depicts a male figure portrayed from the chest up in a three-quarter view that engages the viewer with a direct gaze. The man’s hair is styled in a fashion typical of the early nineteenth century, and his complexion appears fair. Notably, he wears a dark, almost black, jacket featuring a high, stiff collar and double-breasted design with symmetrically arranged buttons that provide a subtle contrast. Despite the title’s reference to a green jacket, the painting’s palette appears subdued, and any originally more vibrant colors may have faded or altered over time. The backdrop is nondescript and serves to hone the focus squarely on the subject.

The artist’s attention to detail is evident in the careful rendering of the subject’s facial features, conveying a sense of the individual’s character and personality. The brushwork implies a level of finesse and precision in keeping with the Neoclassical style, aiming for clarity and a polished aesthetic rather than emotive expressionism.

Finally, the painting is signed and dated by the artist, marking it as an authentic piece from the specified period and solidifying its historical value as an art object.

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