Portrait d’homme a la veste verte (1837) by Adele Romany

Portrait d'homme a la veste verte - Adele Romany - 1837

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait d'homme a la veste verte
ArtistAdele Romany
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions24.5 x 19 cm.
Art MovementNeoclassicism
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About Portrait d'homme a la veste verte

The artwork “Portrait d’homme a la veste verte” (“Portrait of a man with a green jacket”) is a notable piece created by Adele Romany, an artist who was active during the Neoclassicism period. This painting is part of Romany’s body of work and reflects the artistic style of the time. Adele Romany, also known as Adele Romanee, was a French artist born in 1769 and passed away in 1846. Her works have been recognized for their historical value and aesthetic appeal.

The portrait in question depicts a man dressed in a green jacket, which is a central element of the painting, giving it its title. The painting is executed on canvas using oil paints. This piece is part of a larger collection of Romany’s works, which includes various portraits and scenes from the 18th and 19th centuries.

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