Portrait de dame (1813) by Adele Romany

Portrait de dame - Adele Romany - 1813

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait de dame
ArtistAdele Romany
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions62 x 51.5 cm
Art MovementNeoclassicism

About Portrait de dame

The artwork “Portrait de dame,” crafted by Adele Romany in 1813, exemplifies the Neoclassical art movement. The medium for this particular piece is oil on canvas, and the dimensions measure 62 by 51.5 cm. Housed within an ornate, gold-colored frame, the painting captures the dignified essence of the period through a refined portrait of a lady.

In the artwork, we observe a female subject facing slightly to her right, engaging the viewer with a gentle and direct gaze. Her complexion is rendered with smooth, delicate brushstrokes, indicative of the Neoclassical style’s pursuit of idealized beauty and grace. Her hair is styled in tight, dark curls that frame her face, typical of the hairstyles from the early 19th century.

She is adorned with a coral necklace that gently complements her fair skin, adding a subtle touch of color and suggesting an understated elegance. Around her shoulders, a shawl drapes elegantly, with hints of floral patterns and a translucent quality that captures light and texture masterfully. The shawl shows a dégradé effect, transitioning from a light greenish hue to a golden tone, which then contrasts with the rich red of her garment beneath. This red garment peaks from the shawl, lending an additional warmth to the overall palette.

The background is subdued and serves to bring the figure to the forefront, allowing the viewer to focus on the subtleties of her expression and attire. The subject’s expression is serene and introspective, with her lips gently pursed and eyes conveying a sense of calm intelligence.

Not visible in the description is the artist’s signature and the date, which are presumably present to authenticate and date the work. The frame itself is deserving of attention, with its intricate patterns and textures reinforcing the artwork’s period and value.

Overall, “Portrait de dame” is a quintessential example of Neoclassical portraiture, capturing both the aesthetic preferences of the era and the artist’s skillful representation of her subject’s character and social status.

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