Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel by Adele Romany

Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel - Adele Romany - c. 1811

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel
ArtistAdele Romany
Datec. 1811
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions117 x 90 cm.
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationNational Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden

About Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel

The artwork titled “Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel” is an oil on canvas painting by Adele Romany, dating from around 1811. Embodying the Neoclassicism art movement, the portrait measures 117 x 90 cm. Currently, it is housed in the National Museum of Fine Arts in Sweden.

The artwork captures the dignified elegance of a woman seated gracefully in an upholstered armchair, with her gaze directed towards the viewer. Her demeanor suggests a mix of poise and confidence. She is attired in a richly colored green dress, which is accentuated with detailed trimmings and a decorative bow at the waist. The luxuriously textured garment, characterized by its Empire waistline, typifies early 19th-century fashion.

A delicate, lace-frilled collar enhances the gentle curve of her neckline, lending a soft contrast to the structure of her dress. In her right hand, she delicately holds a piece of paper, perhaps a letter, whose contents seem to invite speculation about her thoughts or the nature of her correspondence. Her left hand rests gently on the armrest, highlighting her relaxed yet composed posture.

The background of the artwork is subdued, featuring neutral tones that allow the subject to be the focal point. The subtlety of the backdrop directs the attention to the detailed rendering of Madame Coury’s features and attire. Romany’s skillful use of light, shadow, and color imbues the portrait with a lifelike vibrancy that eloquently embodies the Neoclassical ideals of clarity, order, and harmony.

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