Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel by Adele Romany

Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel - Adele Romany - c. 1811

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel
ArtistAdele Romany
Datec. 1811
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions117 x 90 cm.
Art MovementNeoclassicism
Current LocationNational Museum of Fine Arts, Sweden
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About Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel

The oil on canvas painting titled “Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel” is a work of art attributed to the French painter Adele Romany, also known as Marie Jeanne Romanee. The painting measures 117 x 90 cm., is oil on canvas, and was created circa 1811.  The current location of the artwork is the National Museum of Fine Arts in Sweden.

Adele Romany was Born on December 7th, 1769, and passing away on June 6th, 1846. Romany was an accomplished artist of her time, contributing significantly to the Neoclassicism style. The portrait in question is one of her notable works and showcases her talent in capturing the essence of her subjects.

Adele Romany’s artistic journey is marked by her participation in the Salon de peinture et de sculpture, where she exhibited for forty years. Her career flourished during a time when the French Revolution had opened doors for women artists to showcase their work at the Paris Salon, which was previously exclusive to men. Romany, an illegitimate child legitimized by a letter from the King, trained under the guidance of the wife of the painter Jean-Baptiste Regnault. Throughout her career, she used various combinations of her maiden and married names to sign her paintings.

The “Portrait de Madame Coury, veuve Duhamel” is a testament to Romany’s skill in portraiture, reflecting the elegance and sensibilities of the era.  Romany’s legacy includes a diverse range of works, from portraits of individuals in high society to family portraits set against grand backdrops like the Chateau de Juilly. Her ability to depict her subjects with grace and a sense of intimacy has contributed to her lasting reputation in the art world. Despite the challenges faced by women in the arts during the 18th and 19th centuries, Adele Romany’s work continues to be celebrated and studied for its historical significance and artistic merit.

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