Portrait De Mademoiselle M.t. (c. 1873) by Berthe Morisot

Portrait De Mademoiselle M.t. - Berthe Morisot - c. 1873

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait De Mademoiselle M.t.
ArtistBerthe Morisot
Datec. 1873
MediumPastel On Paper
Dimensions60 x 49.5 cm (23 5/8 x 19 3/8")
Current LocationPrivate Collection, New York

About Portrait De Mademoiselle M.t.

Berthe Morisot was a French painter and a key member of the Impressionist movement. Despite being one of the most talented artists of her time, she has been recognized as one of the most underestimated. Her painting “Portrait De Mademoiselle M.t.” is an excellent example of her artistic talent.

Completed around 1873, this artwork showcases Morisot’s mastery in depicting light and color. The portrait depicts an intimate moment between a mother and her child, with soft brushstrokes that capture the child’s innocence and vulnerability. The use of pastel colors creates a dream-like aesthetic that emphasizes the maternal bond between the two figures.

It is worth noting that this painting was completed during the early phase of Morisot’s career when she primarily painted members of her family or friends. Her paintings were often described as feminine, delicate, and sensual compared to other Impressionists’ works.

Despite only selling around 30 paintings throughout her lifetime – including “Portrait De Mademoiselle M.t.”- Morisot played a pivotal role in shaping both Impressionism and modern art movements. Today, she continues to inspire contemporary artists around the world through her innovative style and unique perspective on art-making.

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