Portrait Des Frauleins (1883) by Albert Aublet

Portrait Des Frauleins - Albert Aublet - 1883

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Des Frauleins
ArtistAlbert Aublet
Art MovementImpressionism
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About Portrait Des Frauleins

Albert Aublet, a French artist born in 1851 and passing in 1938, crafted the exquisite “Portrait Des Frauleins” in 1883, a work that exemplifies the Impressionism style. This genre painting, which captures the essence of its era, is celebrated for its artistic merit and stands as a testament to Aublet’s skill in portraying the subtleties of light and character.

The portrait offers viewers a glimpse into the past, where the tradition of portraiture served as a means to immortalize individuals long before the advent of photography. Portraits like Aublet’s were not merely records of appearance; they conveyed the sitter’s power, virtue, beauty, and other qualities, often serving as gifts or political statements during the Renaissance and Baroque periods in Europe.

“Portrait Des Frauleins” by Albert Aublet remains a significant piece of art history, reflecting the cultural and social nuances of the time through the lens of Impressionism. The painting’s presence in the art world continues to inspire and educate those who encounter it, ensuring that the legacy of both the artist and the subject endures.

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