Portrait of a Bearded Man (c.1515) by Titian

Portrait of a Bearded Man - Titian - c.1515

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a Bearded Man
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationDetroit Institute of Arts, Detroit, MI, US

About Portrait of a Bearded Man

“Portrait of a Bearded Man,” an exemplary artwork by the renowned artist Titian, dates back to circa 1515. Crafted with oil on canvas, this portrait is a quintessential representation of the High Renaissance art movement. Currently, the artwork is housed at the Detroit Institute of Arts, located in Detroit, Michigan, United States. The genre of this piece is portraiture, a discipline in which Titian excelled, capturing the essence of human character and form.

The artwork depicts a man of discerning presence, poised in a three-quarter view against a muted background that accentuates his contemplative gaze. His visage is marked by a well-groomed beard and his hair parts neatly, framing his face with a sense of gravity and intellect. The man’s attire is somber yet refined; he dons a dark robe, which is elegantly draped over one shoulder, revealing a hint of a white shirt or collar underneath. His right hand is gently placed upon a fragment of paper or parchment, suggesting an engagement with scholarly, literary, or artistic pursuits—common themes of the Renaissance era. The muted color palette and the play of light on the figure’s features demonstrate Titian’s mastery in rendering texture, depth, and emotion. The artwork, thus, stands as a testament to both the technical skill and the insightful psychological portrayal for which Titian is celebrated.

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