Portrait Of A Cardinal (c. 1510-12) by Raphael

Portrait Of A Cardinal - Raphael - c. 1510-12

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Of A Cardinal
Datec. 1510-12
MediumOil On Panel
Dimensions79 x 61 cm
Current LocationMuseo Del Prado, Madrid
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About Portrait Of A Cardinal

Raphael’s Portrait of a Cardinal is an oil painting on panel that was created during the artist’s stay in Rome between 1510-1511. It is one of the most famous portrait paintings of the 16th century and is currently held at the Prado Museum in Madrid. The painting depicts an unknown cardinal, although it has been speculated that it could be Alidosi, Bibbiena, Cybo or Trivulzio.

Raphael’s mastery in almost every branch of arts is notable in this artwork as well. The painting stands out for its purity, vivid color palette, easy arrangement, and splendor. Although some predecessors to Raphael’s composition can be found, Raphael’s rendition comes with a unique particular manner recognized throughout his work.

The harsh portrayal of the subject conveys a sense of bitterness and coldness that contrasts sharply with earlier depictions characterized by warmth and sensuality. Despite this contrasted style featuring less emotional expression than other works by Raphael, it still highlights the dignity and power associated with high-ranking figures such as cardinals.

In conclusion, Raphael’s Portrait of a Cardinal remains an important work today due to its historical significance as one of his greatest masterpieces during his prime period spent in Rome leaving behind an artistic legacy distinguished not only for its realism but also for capturing moods mirroring remarkable expressions indicative those gripping certain underlying psychological states even amidst rigid postures often necessarily characteristic portraitures like these.

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