Portrait Of A Family In A Courtyard In Delft (c. 1658-60) by Pieter De Hooch

Portrait Of A Family In A Courtyard In Delft - Pieter De Hooch - c. 1658-60

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Of A Family In A Courtyard In Delft
ArtistPieter De Hooch
Datec. 1658-60
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions44 3/8 x 38 1/4 in (112.5 x 97 cm)
Current LocationGemaldegalerie Der Akademie Der Bildenden Kunste, Vienna

About Portrait Of A Family In A Courtyard In Delft

Pieter de Hooch’s Portrait Of A Family In A Courtyard In Delft is an exemplary masterpiece of clear and direct depiction of domestic architecture famous in the Dutch Golden Age. Completed somewhere between 1658-1660, this painting showcases the artist’s skills in portraying architecture while highlighting women’s roles in domesticity. The painting portrays a prosperous family enjoying quality time in their private garden.

The painting divides itself into two parts, with the building and courtyard taking precedence over the people. De Hooch utilized his skills to successfully depict sophisticated spatial arrangements and virtuoso atmospheric lighting effects, creating a picturesque portrait that depicts human relationships tenderly. It is interesting to note that de Hooch worked alongside other prominent artists such as Vermeer and Fabritius while working for Delft.

De Hooch is well-known for his depictions of daily life and household chores, featuring figures engaged in daily activities. This painting stands out from his other works due to its focus on familial relationships rather than everyday routine activities. De Hooch’s early life remains somewhat mysterious, but archives suggest he worked in Rotterdam, Delft, and Amsterdam throughout his life as an artist. His artwork has been showcased around the world due to its exceptional portrayal of domesticity, human relationships, and stunning architectural details that continue to leave viewers marveling at each brush stroke today.

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