Portrait of a Girl (1914) by Pablo Picasso

Portrait of a Girl - Pablo Picasso - 1914

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a Girl
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions51 1/8 x 38 in. (130 x 96.5 cm.)
Current LocationMusee National d'Art Moderne, Centre Georges Pompidou, ParisDaix 784

About Portrait of a Girl

Pablo Picasso’s Girl Before a Mirror was created in 1932 with oil paints on canvas and measures 64 inches. The painting of Picasso in his Cubist-Modernist style featured a combination of five colours that were carefully placed to emphasis the woman’s position before the mirror. In this painting, Picasso showed a completely different level of detail compared to his typical works. He took great care to capture how the girl interacts with her reflection in the mirror, emphasizing aspects such as the positioning of her body, more specifically her arms reaching out.

Picasso’s other works include Sylvette from 1954, which is another portrait that captures Picasso’s painterly modern expressionism and cubist influences. This famous work is significant for its inclusion in both the Museum Ludwig collection and being named after Sylvette David (now Sage) who was also reunited with Picasso during this period.

The boldness Picasso achieved impacts all of his artworks including Master Pablos 70th linocut Pablo Picasso, released on 4th November 1971 and briefly thought lost early century; it became an instant masterpiece and best example of what importance painting holds in terms of its presence in places such as museums around the world. With so many great works produced over his lifetime all tracing back to his iconic ‘Girl Before a Mirror’, we can still appreciate the talent and remarkable genius behind some of Pablo Picasso’s most memorable artwork today.

Another masterpiece by Pablo Picasso is his portrait Paul As Harlequin which dates back to 11 January 1971, created with simple materials and yet another unique approach without providing too much details – giving just enough details for it to be recognizable from others at first glance. Once again greatly demonstrating that despite having vast resources at hand, one can achieve excellence solely through effort, care and determination.

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