Portrait of a Girl (c.1545) by Titian

Portrait of a Girl - Titian - c.1545

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Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a Girl
Dimensions85 x 75 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationNational Museum of Capodimonte, Naples, Italy

About Portrait of a Girl

“Portrait of a Girl,” crafted by the masterful hand of Titian circa 1545, is a remarkable oil on canvas exemplifying the Mannerist tendencies in the Late Renaissance period. The artwork measures 85 by 75 cm and belongs to the portrait genre. It is currently housed at the National Museum of Capodimonte in Naples, Italy.

The artwork depicts a young woman with a direct yet modest gaze that engages the viewer. Her hair is meticulously styled with braids and coils, suggestive of the fashion of the time and possibly indicative of her social status. A pearlescent earring drops from her left ear, adding an element of opulence to her appearance. The painting showcases her in a richly textured garment with intricate details and folds, rendered in warm, golden tones, which dominate the palette. The fabric imparts a sense of volume and softness, emphasizing the skillful use of light and shadow that was characteristic of Titian’s work.

Titian’s craftsmanship in “Portrait of a Girl” offers a delicate handling of facial features, softly modeling her complexion against the dimly lit, nondescript background. This technique accentuates the lifelike quality and presence of the figure. The portrait is not just a representation of an individual, but also a reflection of the cultural and sartorial elegance of the era. This work stands as a testament to Titian’s ability to capture both the physical beauty and the subtler nuances of personality and class.

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