Portrait of a Lady in Grey (1865) by Edgar Degas

Portrait of a Lady in Grey - Edgar Degas - 1865

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a Lady in Grey
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism

About Portrait of a Lady in Grey

The artwork titled “Portrait of a Lady in Grey” was created by the artist Edgar Degas in the year 1865. Executed in oil on canvas, this piece is associated with the Impressionist art movement and is categorized within the genre of portraiture.

The artwork captures the subtle elegance of a seated woman dressed in a grey gown with accents of white. Her attire is indicative of the period’s fashion, featuring long sleeves and a high neckline accented with a black scarf or ribbon. The lady’s pose is relaxed and informal, with one arm resting on a surface beside her while the other gently touches the fabric of her dress near the wrist. Her facial expression is one of soft contemplation, rendered with delicate brushstrokes that convey a serene mood.

The background of the portrait is a harmonious blend of muted colors, with hints of foliage suggested behind her. The painting balances the realism of the figure with the loose, expressive brushwork characteristic of Degas’ style and the broader Impressionist movement. The use of light and shadow on the dress, as well as the rendering of textures and fabrics, demonstrates Degas’ skill in capturing both the subtleties of form and the fleeting effects of light. Overall, “Portrait of a Lady in Grey” exemplifies the techniques and sensibilities of the era in which it was created, offering a glimpse into the nuanced portrayal of individuals within the Impressionist genre.

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