Portrait Of A Man (c. 1660) by Frans Hals

Portrait Of A Man - Frans Hals - c. 1660

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Of A Man
ArtistFrans Hals
Datec. 1660
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions44 1/2 x 32 1/4 in. (113 x 81.9 cm)
Current LocationFrick Collection, New York

About Portrait Of A Man

Portrait of a Man by Frans Hals is a three-quarter length painting from the early 17th century. The figure in the portrait has long dark-brown hair and a slight mustache. He is seen holding his gloves in his left arm which hangs down almost straight, and is shown in full face. This painting stands out due to its bold brushstrokes and informal poses that enlivens the portrait.

Frans Hals was known for his loose brushwork style which gives a sketchy aesthetic to his paintings. These unblended strokes often created an energetic quality to the portraits he painted, which demonstrated his mastery of using color and light to convey movement in static figures. Portrait of a Man was painted when Hals was around eighty years old, and despite its age, it still contains all the hallmarks of his signature style.

Interestingly, authorities are currently investigating whether this painting is part of a series of Old Master works that may be forgeries sold by a French dealer. Regardless of the authenticity concerns, Portrait of a Man remains an impressive example of Frans Hals’s skills as one of Haarlem’s preeminent portrait painters during this period in art history.

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