Portrait of a Turk in a Turban (c.1826) by Eugene Delacroix

Portrait of a Turk in a Turban - Eugene Delacroix - c.1826

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TitlePortrait of a Turk in a Turban
ArtistEugene Delacroix
Dimensions47 x 38 cm
Art MovementOrientalism

About Portrait of a Turk in a Turban

The artwork titled “Portrait of a Turk in a Turban” was created by the French artist Eugene Delacroix around 1826. It is a pastel on paper composition measuring 47 x 38 cm, representative of the Orientalism art movement. The portrait genre piece features a striking depiction of an individual adorned with a turban.

Looking closely at the artwork, one can see the figure is presented in a frontal view with their shoulders squared to the viewer, providing a direct and engaging presence. The artist has skillfully used pastel to capture the textures and fabric of the turban, which is rendered in warm, earthy tones, suggesting a voluminous and wrapped fabric. The subject’s face is characterized by sharp, delineated features, dark eyes looking forward, and a somber expression. The play of light and shadow across the figure’s face gives it a three-dimensional quality and a sense of depth. The attire suggests clothing that reflects a sense of decorum, with hints of ornamentation visible at the neckline. Delacroix’s skillful use of contrasts and his choice of medium create a textured and lifelike representation that speaks to his fascination with cultures beyond his own European experience, a hallmark of the Orientalist genre.

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