Portrait of a Woman (c. 1895) by Henri Rousseau

Portrait of a Woman - Henri Rousseau - c.1895

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a Woman
ArtistHenri Rousseau
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions115 x 198 cm
Art MovementNaïve Art (Primitivism)
Current LocationMusée d'Orsay, Paris
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About Portrait of a Woman

Portrait of a Woman is a Post-Impressionist oil on canvas painting created by Henri Rousseau in 1895. The painting, located at the Musée Picasso in Paris, portrays a woman wearing a Victorian-style dress. Henri Rousseau had aspirations to become an influential painter and often presented himself as an outstanding artist through oversized self-portraits.

Rousseau was not trained as an artist and worked as a government employee throughout most of his life. He only started painting seriously in his early forties after retiring from his job following the death of his wife in 1888. His works were often criticized by critics for their lack of formal training, but eventually earned him recognition from young modernists like Pablo Picasso.

Portrait of a Woman is an excellent representation of Rousseau’s unique style, showcasing bright colors and bold lines with exotic plants surrounding the woman. It was exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants in 1905 and may have influenced the naming of The Fauves art movement.

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