Portrait of a Woman (1508 – 1510) by Titian

Portrait of a Woman - Titian - 1508 - 1510

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TitlePortrait of a Woman
Date1508 - 1510
Dimensions117 x 97 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About Portrait of a Woman

The artwork “Portrait of a Woman” by Titian, executed between 1508 and 1510, is an oil on canvas painting that exemplifies the High Renaissance art movement. The portrait dimensions are 117 by 97 centimeters, and as the genre suggests, it portrays a female figure.

In this compelling artwork, a woman is depicted with a direct but gentle gaze, drawing the viewer into a moment of silent dialogue. She is elegantly dressed in a red garment with a low neckline, accented by white sleeves and a decorous black band encircling her waist. Her attire speaks to the fashion of the era and conveys a sense of the subject’s social status. A distinctive headpiece, possibly of velvet and adorned with pearls or similar embellishments, frames her rounded face, complementing her fair skin.

To her side, the woman holds a drawing of a classical profile, suggestive of an idealized beauty, creating an intriguing visual contrast between her own naturalistic features and the stylized representation in her hand. This inclusion could potentially imply her appreciation for art or possibly her connection to cultural or intellectual ideals valued during the Renaissance.

The muted backdrop of the painting emphasizes the figure and her richly colored costume, allowing Titian’s skillful use of light and shadow to add dimension and presence to the woman’s form. The subtle interplay of textures and the soft modeling of her visage demonstrate the mastery that defines Titian’s work and the broader innovations of the High Renaissance period—harmonizing realism with idealized elements in portraiture.

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