Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Green Blouse (c.1884) by Edgar Degas

Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Green Blouse - Edgar Degas - c.1884

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a Woman Wearing a Green Blouse
ArtistEdgar Degas
Art MovementImpressionism
Current LocationPrivate Collection

About Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Green Blouse

The artwork titled “Portrait of a Woman Wearing a Green Blouse” is a creation of the illustrious artist Edgar Degas, dating back to circa 1884. This pastel work is emblematic of the Impressionist art movement, a genre dedicated to capturing moments brimming with life and the vicissitudes of light. The piece is a portrait, a testament to the artist’s keen observation of the human form, and is currently housed in a private collection, away from the public eye.

The artwork features a woman glanced from a slight angle, her gaze diverted to the side, hinting at introspection or a momentary distraction. The facial features are rendered with soft, yet discernible strokes, allowing the viewer to witness a semblance of her expression, one that might be read as contemplative or wistful. Degas’ use of pastel here is expressive; the colors are vibrant yet muted, a duality that evokes the ethereal quality often found in his works.

The woman’s green blouse is hinted rather than fully depicted, suggesting the artist’s focus on the immediacy of her presence rather than the details of her attire. The background is rendered in harmonious, cool tones blending into each other, thus ensuring the subject’s form remains the focal point amidst the interplay of color and light. The strokes combine to convey texture and depth, characteristic of Degas’ technique, which bridges the gap between traditional portraiture and the emergent Impressionist style known for its innovation and departure from classical norms.

Overall, the artwork serves as a silent dialogue between the artist and his subject, encapsulating a moment that resonates with the viewer through its subtlety and the emotive power of Degas’ masterful pastel work.

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