Portrait of a young lady by Adolphe Piot

Portrait of a young lady - Adolphe Piot -

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a young lady
ArtistAdolphe Piot
Dimensions89 x 63.5 cm
Art MovementAcademicism
Current LocationPrivate Collection
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About Portrait of a young lady

Portrait of a Young Lady is a masterpiece created by Etienne-Adolphe Piot, a prolific French painter who specializes in Academicism style. This oil on canvas painting measures 89 x 63.5 cm and features the portrait of a young lady with a bright white dress, black hair, against a dark pink background.

Piot was known for creating lifelike portraits of young ladies that exude an aura of elegance and grace. He drew inspiration from his mentor, Leon Cogniet, which instilled in him the love for the human form. “Portrait of a Young Lady” bears witness to his artistic mastery as he beautifully captures the subject’s feminine allure using subtle brushstrokes. The painting was exhibited in Paris Salons from 1850 to 1909 and has since become an iconic representation of academic paintings.

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