Portrait of a young woman with feather hat (c.1536) by Titian

Portrait of a young woman with feather hat - Titian - c.1536

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of a young woman with feather hat
Dimensions97 x 75 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationHermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg, Russia

About Portrait of a young woman with feather hat

The artwork “Portrait of a young woman with feather hat” is a distinguished painting by the Renaissance master Titian, circa 1536. Executed in oil on canvas, the portrait measures 97 by 75 centimeters and is exemplative of the High Renaissance movement. The genre of the piece is a portrait, and it is currently housed at the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg, Russia.

The artwork captures the visage of a young woman adorned with an elaborate feather hat that adds a flourish of sophistication and status to her depiction. The hat, tilted at a jaunty angle, is rendered with a keen sense of texture and color, giving life to its rich crimson hue and the soft, delicate white feathers. The subject gazes directly at the viewer with an enigmatic and poised expression, her eyes conveying a serene confidence.

Her attire suggests a blend of modesty and opulence; her shoulder is draped with a sumptuous green garment with detailed embroidery, indicative of her likely noble standing. The woman also dons a string of pearls around her neck and a pearl earring, both classic symbols of wealth and refinement from the period. A more modest, off-the-shoulder white blouse provides a delicate contrast to the darker hues of her clothing and hat.

Her skin is rendered with the soft luminescence that is characteristic of Titian’s work, illustrating his mastery over the play of light and shadow to sculpt the contours of her face and flesh. The careful attention to the texture of her skin, the soft curl of her hair, and the intricate accessories she wears all contribute to an aura of elegance.

Titian’s skill in composition and his ability to convey the inner life of his subjects have made this portrait a captivating piece that continues to engage and fascinate viewers centuries after its creation.

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