Portrait of African woman Catherine (1521) by Albrecht Durer

Portrait of African woman Catherine - Albrecht Durer - 1521

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of African woman Catherine
ArtistAlbrecht Durer
Art MovementNorthern Renaissance
Current LocationUffizi Gallery, Florence, Italy

About Portrait of African woman Catherine

The artwork titled “Portrait of African woman Catherine” is attributed to Albrecht Dürer and dates back to 1521. As a notable artwork from the Northern Renaissance period, it belongs to the portrait genre and is housed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy.

The artwork is a detailed and sensitive portrayal of a woman’s face. The subject is an African woman known as Catherine, who is depicted with intricate detail, revealing a serene expression and individualistic features. The drawing showcases Albrecht Dürer’s fine attention to detail and ability to capture the human form with depth and realism. Her attire suggests elements of 16th-century dress, and her head is wrapped in a scarf adorned with a decorative element. The artist’s monogram and the year of creation are also visible on the paper, further authenticating the artwork’s historical provenance. The sketched lines, shading, and texture convey a realistic representation, reflecting Dürer’s mastery of the medium and his contribution to portrait art during the Renaissance.

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