Portrait of Alfonso d`Avalos , in Armor with a Page (c.1533) by Titian

Portrait of Alfonso d`Avalos , in Armor with a Page - Titian - c.1533

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TitlePortrait of Alfonso d`Avalos , in Armor with a Page
Dimensions110 x 80 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationJ. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, US

About Portrait of Alfonso d`Avalos , in Armor with a Page

The artwork titled “Portrait of Alfonso d’Avalos, in Armor with a Page,” is an oil painting on canvas by the renowned artist Titian, dated circa 1533. This piece exemplifies the High Renaissance artistic movement and is characterized as a portrait. Its dimensions are 110 by 80 centimeters. The artwork is housed at the J. Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles, California, United States.

In the artwork, Alfonso d’Avalos is depicted in a three-quarter view, donning an ornately decorated suit of armor indicative of his high status and military role. The armor itself is embellished with intricate motifs and gilding, demonstrating both affluence and craftsmanship. His demeanour is solemn and authoritative, with a light beard and mustache framing his contemplative expression. To the left of Alfonso, a page boy is portrayed in the act of holding a substantial, similarly ornate helm, gazing upwards towards his lord with attentive eyes, ready to serve. The background is dark and understated, allowing the figures, especially the polished sheen of the armor, to command the viewer’s attention. The interaction between the figures and the details of their attire offer a rich narrative thread to the work, in addition to showcasing Titian’s mastery in rendering textures and capturing the presence of his subjects.

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