Portrait of Allan Stein (c.1907) by Henri Matisse

Portrait of Allan Stein - Henri Matisse - c.1907

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Allan Stein
ArtistHenri Matisse

About Portrait of Allan Stein

The artwork “Portrait of Allan Stein” is a creation of the distinguished artist Henri Matisse, dated around 1907. This piece falls within the genre of portraiture and captures the likeness of the subject, Allan Stein, through the artist’s characteristic approach.

The artwork is marked by the Fauvist style that Matisse is renowned for, characterized by vibrant colors and bold lines. The subject is presented against a striking pink background, which contrasts with the darker tones used for the clothing. The figure’s face is rendered with a mix of simplicity and expression, capturing the essence of the subject’s character rather than a detailed likeness. The individual’s curly hair is depicted with loose, dark brushstrokes, complementing the pink backdrop and adding depth to the representation.

The portrait includes distinct facial features with outlined eyes that draw the viewer’s attention. The expression appears neutral, yet there is a hint of contemplative engagement with the observer. The medium appears to be paint, and Matisse’s signature is visible at the top left of the canvas, anchoring the work firmly within his oeuvre. This artistic approach aligns with Matisse’s broader exploration of color and form, revealing his interest in the emotional impact of strong colors and the use of portraiture to capture the personality of the sitter.

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