Portrait of an Old Man (Pietro Cardinal Bembo) (1545 – 1546) by Titian

Portrait of an Old Man (Pietro Cardinal Bembo) - Titian - 1545 - 1546

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of an Old Man (Pietro Cardinal Bembo)
Date1545 - 1546
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationBudapest Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

About Portrait of an Old Man (Pietro Cardinal Bembo)

The artwork titled “Portrait of an Old Man (Pietro Cardinal Bembo)” is a notable creation by the distinguished artist Titian, executed between the years 1545 and 1546. This oil on canvas masterpiece falls under the Mannerism art movement, particularly reflecting the stylistic approaches of the Late Renaissance. It is categorized within the genre of portraiture, and currently resides in the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts located in Budapest, Hungary.

The artwork radiates the rich, textural application of oil paint, a characteristic quality of Titian’s oeuvre. It presents an elderly man set against a dark background, which emphasizes the introspective and dignified presence of the figure. The subject’s head is turned slightly to the side, showing a mature face with prominent lines and a serene expression that denotes wisdom and a contemplative nature.

His white beard is rendered with exceptional detail, providing a realistic portrayal of the individual strands and the softness of the hair. Amidst the somber tones of the portrait, the red garment worn by the subject adds a dash of vibrancy, creating an effective visual contrast. It drapes elegantly over the man’s shoulder, its folds and creases meticulously captured to reflect the play of light and shadow, enhancing the three-dimensional effect and the tactile impression of the fabric.

Overall, the portrait exudes an aura of quiet gravitas and psychological depth, encapsulating not only the physical likeness of the sitter but also the essence of his character. The judicious combination of detail and bold coloration affirm Titian’s mastery of portraiture, rendering his works significant contributions to the cultural and artistic legacy of the Renaissance.

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