Portrait Of An Old Woman (1468-70) by Hans Memling

Portrait Of An Old Woman - Hans Memling - 1468-70

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Of An Old Woman
ArtistHans Memling
MediumOil On Panel
Dimensions10 1/8 x 6 15/16 in. (25.6 x 17.7 cm)
Current LocationMuseum Of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
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About Portrait Of An Old Woman

Portrait of an Old Woman is a remarkable portrait painting by Hans Memling, completed in the late 15th century. The painting depicts a close-up view of an elderly woman’s head and shoulders in three-quarters view facing towards the left, with intricate details portrayed on her face. Memling was the leading painter of Bruges at the time and is known for his personal style of religious paintings and dignified portraiture.

The Portrait of an Old Woman belongs to a tradition of individual portraits, including middle-class subjects flourishing in Holland and Flanders centuries ago. It signifies the beauty and complexity behind age as well as it presents a glimpse into history through visual language.

This masterpiece has been part of the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston’s collection since 1944. Visitors can appreciate it up close for its intricate details that display Memling’s ability to bring out texture, light, color, and form through oil paint on wood panel techniques he knew so well. Its exquisite insight into one human life has led viewers down generations to enjoy such advanced portrait imagery today.

In conclusion, “Portrait Of An Old Woman” was completed within two years between 1468-70 during Hans Memling’s stature as the leading painter in Bruges at that time—the famous artwork considered by many art historians worldwide influential because it represents realism combined with expressionism—emanating radiance standing out from any other piece created around this time period.

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