Portrait of Carlota Valdivia (later called Celestina) (1903) by Pablo Picasso

Portrait of Carlota Valdivia (later called Celestina) - Pablo Picasso - 1903

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Carlota Valdivia (later called Celestina)
ArtistPablo Picasso
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions31 7/8 x 23 5/8 in (81 x 60 cm)
Current LocationMusee Picasso, Paris

About Portrait of Carlota Valdivia (later called Celestina)

Pablo Picasso painted a portrait of Carlota Valdivia, which he later called Celestina, in 1903 during his Blue Period. The series of paintings were dedicated to the shadow world of brothels in which heroin was used. Currently, the painting is displayed at the artist’s museum in Paris.

The painting captures the idiosyncrasies of Carlota Valdivia with elongated proportions and restrained emotions comparable to El Greco’s emotive portraits. The muted colors used by Picasso convey melancholic and sorrowful sentiments that result from excessively indulging in heroin use. It is a testament to his skill as an artist and his desire to delve into difficult social issues through his art.

For those interested in owning a piece similar to this artwork, it is possible for you to obtain it as an oil painting reproduction at Kosh mArt Canada/UK. As we observe artwork trends over time, we can appreciate how different movements arise and impact wider social norms. Through the Blue Period, Pablo Picasso successfully portrayed sensitive subject matters such as drug addiction while still remaining true to his style and enduring recognition as one of the most admired artists known today.

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