Portrait of Claude-Francois Martineau de Floriant by Alexander Roslin

Portrait of Claude-Francois Martineau de Floriant - Alexander Roslin - 1788

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Claude-Francois Martineau de Floriant
ArtistAlexander Roslin
Dimensions73 x 60 cm
Art MovementRococo

About Portrait of Claude-Francois Martineau de Floriant

The artwork titled “Portrait of Claude-Francois Martineau de Floriant” was painted by Alexander Roslin in 1788. This portrait is a manifestation of the Rococo art movement. The dimensions of the piece are 73 by 60 centimeters, a size that allows for considerable detail while remaining intimate in scale.

The artwork presents a poised depiction of Claude-Francois Martineau de Floriant, showcasing the refined elegance characteristic of the Rococo period. The subject is portrayed with a confident and direct gaze, engaging the viewer with a sense of his personality. The figure is dressed in a dark, presumably velvet, coat adorned with intricate gold embellishments that signify his status. His white, curled wig rests delicately on his head, framing his fair complexion and lightly rosy cheeks.

The background of the portrait is subdued, likely to draw focus to the figure himself, and contribute to an atmosphere of sophistication. The play of light and shadow in the composition softly highlights the facial features and the rich textures of the subject’s garments. The expression on his face is calm yet assertive—a testament to Roslin’s ability to convey the dignity and character of his sitters. Overall, the artwork captures the opulence and grandeur of its time, while providing insight into the persona of Martineau de Floriant.

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