Portrait of Count Antonio Porcia (c.1548) by Titian

Portrait of Count Antonio Porcia - Titian - c.1548

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Count Antonio Porcia
Dimensions90 x 105 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationPalazzo Brera, Milan, Italy

About Portrait of Count Antonio Porcia

The artwork “Portrait of Count Antonio Porcia” is an oil on canvas painting by the distinguished Renaissance artist Titian, dating from approximately 1548. Housed in the Palazzo Brera in Milan, Italy, this portrait measures 90 by 105 centimeters and is a representation of Mannerism, a style that succeeded the High Renaissance period. As a portrait, the work focuses on the figure of Count Antonio Porcia, a subject of significant status during the time of its creation.

The artwork showcases a man standing with his right hand resting upon what appears to be a parapet or the edge of a piece of furniture. His dark attire, embellished with a large, ornamented chain and pendant, suggests a person of wealth and standing. The subject’s demeanor is serious, with his gaze directed off-canvas, giving a sense of contemplation and distance. The background provides a stark contrast to his somber clothing, featuring a more detailed and lighter scene, possibly hinting at a landscape, with blue skies and white clouds. The texture, soft facial rendering, and use of chiaroscuro—characteristic of Titian’s work—impart a lifelike quality to the subject, while also conveying the stylistic complexity of the Mannerist movement.

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