Portrait of Count K.N. Palen (1903) by Ilya Repin

Portrait of Count K.N. Palen - Ilya Repin - 1903

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Count K.N. Palen
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Portrait of Count K.N. Palen

The artwork “Portrait of Count K.N. Palen” is a masterpiece created by the renowned artist Ilya Repin in 1903, which is a testament to the Realism art movement. This portrait genre canvas encapsulates Repin’s ability to capture the essence of his subjects with fine details and a lifelike representation.

In this particular artwork, Repin presents a side profile view of Count K.N. Palen, who appears to be looking off to the left side of the canvas. The Count’s facial expression is composed and reflective, perhaps hinting at a moment of contemplation or introspection. Repin’s use of brushstrokes presents a detailed depiction of the Count’s features; his hair and the texture of his skin are rendered with fine attention to detail.

The Count is adorned with decorations, indicating his status and accomplishments. A noticeable aspect of the painting is the way Repin has portrayed the textures and colors of the Count’s attire; the intricate details of the medals and the fabrics suggest a man of high regard and importance. The color palette is relatively subdued, yet the gold and deep red accents of his regalia offer a striking contrast against the more muted tones used for the Count’s hair and the background.

The background of the artwork is painted in broad, vertical brushstrokes that give a subdued impression of a wall or curtain, allowing the viewer to focus more on the subject than on any specific setting details. Overall, the painting speaks to Repin’s skill in capturing both the physical likeness and the dignified aura of his subject in a manner that embodies the ethos of Realism.

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