Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisani (1554) by Titian

Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisani - Titian - 1554

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisani
Dimensions86.5 x 100 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationBudapest Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest, Hungary

About Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisani

The artwork titled “Portrait of Doge Marcantonio Trevisani” is an oil on canvas painting by the artist Titian, completed in the year 1554. This portrait measures 86.5 x 100 cm and is exemplary of the Mannerism movement during the Late Renaissance period. It belongs to the portrait genre and is currently housed in the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest, Hungary.

The artwork features a dignified portrayal of Doge Marcantonio Trevisani, a prominent figure in Venetian history. The subject is depicted in three-quarter profile, allowing viewers to engage with both his visage and his sumptuous attire that signifies his high status. His facial expression shows a gentle yet commanding presence, with carefully rendered features that convey a sense of wisdom and experience, typical of the powerful individuals that Titian often painted.

He is adorned in luxurious robes that are rich with detailed patterns and a texture suggesting heavy, expensive fabric. The gleaming embroidery and ornate insignia indicate the Doge’s wealth and position. On his head, he wears the traditional corno ducale, a stiff conical hat that was a symbol of the Doge’s authority. His right hand rests on a staff, further underlining his powerful status. The use of chiaroscuro—the contrast of light and dark—helps to sculpt his form, creating a robust, three-dimensional effect, which adds to the gravitas of the figure. The overall palette of the painting is subdued, showcasing Titian’s mastery in creating depth and character through nuanced color choices and brushwork.

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