Portrait of Felix Feneon, Opus 217 (1890-91) by Paul Signac

Portrait of Felix Feneon, Opus 217 - Paul Signac - 1890-91

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Felix Feneon, Opus 217
ArtistPaul Signac
MediumOil on Canvas
Dimensions29 x 36 3/8 in. (73.5 x 92.5 cm)
Current LocationThe Museum of Modern Art, New York

About Portrait of Felix Feneon, Opus 217

Opus 217, also known as Portrait of Felix Fénéon, is an oil painting by Paul Signac created in 1890. The painting measures 29 x 36 1/2 inches and is currently owned by The Museum of Modern Art in New York. Fénéon was a notable figure in the art world, known for his contribution to Neo-Impressionism, as an editor, translator, art dealer, and anarchist activist. He was a supporter of Neo-Impressionist artists, including Signac.

Signac used a pencil drawing and oil sketch to portray Fénéon on the canvas, adopting the Pointillist technique, which is characteristic of Post-Impressionist style. The composition of the painting is speculated to be influenced by Georges Seurat’s 1890 gouache portrait of Signac. Signac depicted Fénéon in left profile, captured through several short sittings rather than long ones.

Overall, Opus 217, Portrait of Felix Fénéon is an impressive work of art that captures the essence of Fénéon’s character and contributions to the art world. The painting is significant both as a representation of an important figure in the Neo-Impressionism movement and as an example of Post-Impressionist painting techniques.

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