Portrait of Ferdinand Guillemardet (1798) by Francisco Goya

Portrait of Ferdinand Guillemardet - Francisco Goya - 1798

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Ferdinand Guillemardet
ArtistFrancisco Goya
Dimensions186 x 124 cm
Art MovementRomanticism

About Portrait of Ferdinand Guillemardet

The artwork “Portrait of Ferdinand Guillemardet,” crafted by the illustrious Spanish artist Francisco Goya in 1798, is an oil on canvas representation steeped in the Romanticism movement. The portrait spans a dimension of 186 by 124 centimeters, encapsulating the depicted subject within a genre that intimately exposes character and societal status—qualities keenly observed in this composition.

As for the execution of the artwork itself, one observes a male figure seated comfortably, his body angled invitingly towards the viewer. He dons a dark navy military uniform replete with regalia, intricate gold embroidery on the cuffs and pocket flaps, which gleams subtly under the painting’s lighting. The striking contrast of the dark coat against his pale face draws immediate attention to his serene and confident expression. His right elbow rests on a table draped with a golden-brown cloth, where a tricorn hat, adorned with feathers of vibrant blue, red, and white, which mirror the French flag, is placed. A decorated sword hangs by his side, further suggesting his military status and position.

The subject’s relaxed posture, with one leg crossed over the other and an arm casually draped over the chair arm, reflects a nonchalant yet self-assured demeanor. The background is understated, consisting primarily of muted dark hues that provide a stark backdrop, allowing the subject’s visage and the details of his attire to command full attention. Attention to nuances, such as the light reflecting off the gold tassels and the fabric of the uniform, showcases Goya’s meticulous approach to detail and his ability to convey texture and depth.

This portrait, while realistic and seemingly straightforward, encapsulates the Romantic spirit through its focus on individuality, emotion, and grandeur—characteristics that are eloquently woven into the canvas by Goya’s deft hand.

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