Portrait of G.I. Shoofs (1907) by Ilya Repin

Portrait of G.I. Shoofs - Ilya Repin - 1907

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of G.I. Shoofs
ArtistIlya Repin
Art MovementRealism

About Portrait of G.I. Shoofs

The artwork “Portrait of G.I. Shoofs” is a creation of Ilya Repin, a renowned artist of the Realism movement, completed in the year 1907. This work is a portrait, an artistic genre aimed at depicting the visual appearance of an individual. Repin, known for his masterful portrayal of character and emotion, adheres to the realist ideals of truthful and accurate representation in this piece.

The artwork portrays a man who appears to stand with poise and confidence. His attire suggests formality, as he is dressed in a classic dark suit with a white shirt and a tie, a common fashion around the early 20th century. The figure’s arms are crossed, which may indicate a sense of assuredness or perhaps self-containment. The background is somewhat indistinct, focusing the viewer’s attention primarily on the subject. The artist has employed a palette that is restrained yet warm, mainly consisting of earthy tones that harmonize with the subject’s attire, giving the portrait a dignified aura.

The brushwork visible in the artwork reveals the deft hand of Repin, with confident strokes and a lively treatment of light that gives the work vitality and a tactile sense. The subject’s facial expression is rendered with care, his mustache finely detailed, eyes gazing directly out of the canvas, engaging the viewer with a subtle, perhaps reflective, expression. Repin’s skill is especially evident in the rendition of the light on the subject’s skin and the intricate play of shadows, contributing to the three-dimensional illusion on the two-dimensional surface.

It’s clear that the artist sought to capture more than just the physical appearance; there is an attempt to convey the temperament and inner life of the subject, a hallmark of Repin’s portraits. The artwork, therefore, is not just a visual record, but a narrative piece that invites conjecture about the life, thoughts, and character of G.I. Shoofs.

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