Portrait of Giulio Romano (c.1536) by Titian

Portrait of Giulio Romano - Titian - c.1536

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Giulio Romano
Dimensions101 x 86 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance

About Portrait of Giulio Romano

The artwork titled “Portrait of Giulio Romano” is an oil on canvas painting by the esteemed artist Titian, dating from around the year 1536. This piece is a representative work of the High Renaissance art movement, showcasing the distinguished portraiture genre of the period. The dimensions of this painting are 101 cm in height and 86 cm in width.

In the artwork, we see a man turned slightly to his left, engaging the viewer with a direct gaze that conveys confidence and self-possession. The subject is depicted with a full beard and mustache, which were common of the fashion of the time. He is dressed in attire that suggests his social standing and intellect, most likely that of an affluent gentleman or a scholar. The clothing is painted with great attention to texture and detail, particularly noticeable in the play of light on the fabric of his garment, which emits a soft sheen.

Prominently, the man holds in his hands a sheet of paper bearing a design or diagram. This particular inclusion may signify his profession or interests, perhaps in the realms of art, architecture, or engineering, all respected fields during the Renaissance. The document is rendered with enough detail to evoke curiosity but remains sufficiently ambiguous to keep the viewer speculating about its specific content and significance.

The composition, subdued color palette, and use of chiaroscuro—to highlight the features of the subject’s face and the paper he holds—characterize the painter’s mastery of the medium and the stylistic preferences of the time. The background of the painting is dark and non-descript, a common technique to draw the viewer’s attention to the subject of the portrait. Overall, the painting captures the intellectual spirit and artistic refinement of the High Renaissance, while also encapsulating the personal aura and essence of the individual it portrays.

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