Portrait of Laura de Dianti (c.1523) by Titian

Portrait of Laura de Dianti - Titian - c.1523

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TitlePortrait of Laura de Dianti
Dimensions118 x 93 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationKisters Collection, Kreuzlingen, Switzerland

About Portrait of Laura de Dianti

The artwork “Portrait of Laura de Dianti” is an oil on canvas painting attributed to the artist Titian, dating approximately to the year 1523. As a product of the High Renaissance, the painting measures 118 by 93 centimeters and embodies the portrait genre. This piece currently resides within the Kisters Collection in Kreuzlingen, Switzerland.

In the artwork, a woman, presumed to be Laura de Dianti, is portrayed in a richly decorated blue dress with voluminous sleeves, cinched at the waist. Her attire is further accentuated by a golden-yellow shawl that drapes across her shoulder, hinting at her affluence and social status. The lady’s expression is composed and her gaze seems to meet that of the observer, adding a direct and intimate connection.

Adorning her hair is an intricate headdress glittering with jewels, and her hair cascades down the side in an elaborate fashion. An ornate gold brooch can be seen at the center of the headdress, further signifying her wealth and elegance. The well-defined textures, evident in the sumptuous folds of the fabric and the delicate lace at her sleeves, demonstrate the artist’s mastery of rendering materials.

Beside her, a young page boy holds a vessel, helping to emphasize her stature. The boy is depicted in a multi-colored garb with striped patterns and his expression is one of dutiful attentiveness to the lady. The contrast between their attire and the dark background accentuates the figures and the vibrancy of their clothing, drawing the viewer’s focus to their presence. The interaction between the characters, albeit subtle, suggests a narrative and adds dynamic to the composition.

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