Portrait Of Mary Fanton Roberts (1917) by Robert Henri

Portrait Of Mary Fanton Roberts - Robert Henri - 1917

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait Of Mary Fanton Roberts
ArtistRobert Henri
MediumOil On Canvas
Dimensions32 x 26 in.
Current LocationThe Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York
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About Portrait Of Mary Fanton Roberts

Mary Fanton Roberts, born in 1864, was a prominent American journalist and writer. She had connections with artists and writers including Robert Henri, an influential painter who led a revolt against academic art in America. The artwork “Portrait of Mary Fanton Roberts” is an oil painting on canvas created by Henri in 1917. It can be found in the collection of The Met, New York.

In the painting, Mary Fanton Roberts is presented in a three-quarter pose with her head slightly tilted to one side. She is painted with thick brushstrokes that capture her expression and personality effectively. The artist seems to be focused on capturing the sitter’s character rather than just realism; she has been depicted as confident and formidable, reflecting precisely how she was known during her lifetime.

Robert Henri considered close friend to Mary has bequeathed some of his artworks to museums such as the Brooklyn Museum as well as gifting portraits amongst colleagues including John Sloan. The Portrait of Mary Fanton Robers serves to cement their friendship through this lifelike work that will carry their history for time immemorial.

Overall, “Portrait of Mary Fanton Roberts” by Robert Henri stands out not only as an excellent example of his Impressionism-inspired style but also demonstrates how art can immortalize individuals from different fields — whether they are regular people or notable personalities — creating legacies that go beyond time itself.

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