Portrait of Nicolas Perrenot of Granvelle (c.1548) by Titian

Portrait of Nicolas Perrenot of Granvelle - Titian - c.1548

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Nicolas Perrenot of Granvelle
Dimensions106 x 90 cm
Art MovementHigh Renaissance
Current LocationMusée du Temps de Besançon, Besançon, France

About Portrait of Nicolas Perrenot of Granvelle

The artwork titled “Portrait of Nicolas Perrenot of Granvelle” is an oil on wood portrait attributed to the renowned artist Titian, painted circa 1548. As a prominent piece belonging to the High Renaissance art movement, it measures 106 by 90 centimeters. This portrait genre piece presents a depiction of Nicolas Perrenot de Granvelle and finds its residence at the Musée du Temps de Besançon in Besançon, France.

In the artwork, the subject is portrayed as a dignified middle-aged man, with a composed and reflective demeanor. His attire speaks of his status, clad in a dark, fur-lined robe that envelops much of the canvas. A thin, delicate chain graces the subject’s neck and provides a subtle contrast to the predominantly dark tones of his clothing. His beard is neatly groomed, full, and well cared for, covering much of his lower face, which indicates a sign of the times in grooming and fashion. The background is unadorned and understated, utilizing muted colors that push the figure to the fore, ensuring that the viewer’s attention remains fixed on the subject’s visage and the intricate texture of his garb. The lighting subtly highlights his features, creating a realistic representation characteristic of the High Renaissance’s attention to naturalism and detail.

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