Portrait of Pietro Aretino (c.1545) by Titian

Portrait of Pietro Aretino - Titian - c.1545

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of Pietro Aretino
Dimensions98 x 78 cm
Art MovementMannerism (Late Renaissance)
Current LocationPalazzo Pitti, Florence, Italy

About Portrait of Pietro Aretino

The artwork, titled “Portrait of Pietro Aretino,” is an oil on canvas painting created by the renowned artist Titian around 1545. It belongs to the art movement known as Mannerism, which characterizes the Late Renaissance period. The portrait measures 98 by 78 centimeters and constitutes part of the genre of portraiture, showcasing the ability of artists from that era to capture the essence and stature of their subjects. Currently, this significant piece of art history is housed in the Palazzo Pitti in Florence, Italy.

The artwork captures Aretino, who was a notable figure of his time, in a three-quarter pose, commanding a sense of presence and direct engagement with the viewer. His facial expression is pensive and confident, with a gaze that suggests depth and intellect. The subtleties of his flesh tones are contrasted markedly with the resplendent red garment that drapes over his body. The intricate sheen and folds of the fabric demonstrate Titian’s mastery over the medium, highlighting the dimensions and textures that give life to this portrait. The dark, undefined background serves to focus attention solely on the figure, which is a common characteristic of portraiture during the Renaissance. The overall composition exemplifies the artistic ideals of the period, merging naturalism with the individual character and inner life of the person depicted.

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