Portrait of the A.V. Vysheslavtsev (1880) by Alexei Korzukhin

Portrait of the A.V. Vysheslavtsev - Alexei Korzukhin - 1880

Artwork Information

TitlePortrait of the A.V. Vysheslavtsev
ArtistAlexei Korzukhin
Art MovementRealism
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About Portrait of the A.V. Vysheslavtsev

The Portrait of the A.V. Vysheslavtsev is a notable painting by Russian genre painter, Alexei Korzukhin, created in 1880. Korzukhin, who was born in Yekaterinburg in 1835, studied at the Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg and later specialized in Realism style artwork. This portrait exemplifies Korzukhin’s ability to accurately depict human emotions and characteristics through his paintings.

The focus of the painting is Alexander Vysheslavtsev, a renowned Russian historian and public figure who lived from 1837 to 1903. In the portrait, Vysheslavtsev is seen with a thoughtful expression that conveys his intellectual depth and seriousness.

Aside from portrait painting, Korzukhin also created sketches and studies that demonstrate his talent for capturing everyday life scenes throughout Russia. Two examples of these works are “Before Confession” and “Peasant Girls in the Forest,” both done in 1877. Korzukhin’s work continues to be celebrated as an important contribution to Russian art history. His mastery of Realism has influenced many artists who followed him and ensures that he remains an essential figure in the development of modern art movements.

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